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_Life gets in the way of good habits. We hear you

About faace

We live in a straight talking ‘it is what it is’ society but somewhere along the way, skincare got complicated. We started talking in types, age and ethnicities which led to skin segregation. Faace is here to change the dialogue. To switch up the conversation. To provide a solution to skin that’s been disrupted by life.

Tiredness, time of the month, anxiety, over-exercising, over-analysing, under sleeping; you name it, we’re doing all sorts of self-sabotage to our skin. But we’re not here to berate you. Life gets in the way of good habits and that’s okay. We hear you. We also hear you when you describe your skin.

faace about faace

“I know my skin looks rubbish, it’s that time of the month.”

“I’ve been hitting it hard at the gym and now I’ve broken out.”

“My skin is so dry right now, I think it’s because I’m over tired.”

So that’s the what but here’s the thing. You can’t tell us we’re not speaking the same language. But what’s worse is that when you’re exhausted or looking burnout head on, who has the energy to study an ingredient’s list or the budget (and time) to visit a dermatologist?

Faace is here to be prescriptive without the faff. You don’t have to think about a thing because our products do it for you. 5 minutes, 20 minutes, or overnight, our trio of say-what-you-see masks are uncomplicated, versatile and results-driven. Using natural actives to provide solutions and an unsurpassed sensory experience, Faace is an inclusive and affordable answer to every skin situation.

About faace

Housed in recyclable packaging that’s box and cellophane-free, we’re also into giving back. Which is why for every Faace mask purchased, we will also donate to Hey Girls, a social enterprise that helps reduce period poverty in the UK. Injecting life and love back into your skin and your soul, now that’s what we call proud faace.

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_Life gets in the way of good habits. We hear you.

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