For our own sanity, this journalist thinks it’s important we stick to a few rules when WFH

The DO’s and TRY NOT TO’s of working from home.

Working from home is a new concept for a lot of us. Whilst we must consider ourselves lucky to even have the opportunity to do our job safely in these scary times, there is no doubt that WFH brings massive changes to our life routines. Messy buns and PJ bottoms might feel like the norm right now, and Zoom calls are the closest thing to an office chat – with the advantage that you have a trusty mute button. For those struggling to adapt, we have put together a super simple guide that will help you keep productive.

As obvious as it sounds, DO separate your workspace from your relaxation space (AKA no emailing from your bed). Without your normal office in sight, it’s hard to trick your brain into acknowledging the beginning of a workday, but don’t ruin it for yourself by starting it off in your bedroom.

TRY NOT TO resort to the sofa either – you’ll soon find yourself trying to balance your laptop and your phone whilst you’re having a quick lie down. Your back won’t be too thankful either.

DO get ready every morning, even if that means changing from your PJs into some more presentable lounge wear. A quick Pinterest session will give you lots of inspiration when it comes to WFH outfits; whilst jeans and actual shoes can be a bit excessive to some (guilty), some airy culottes and a snuggly jumper will do the job.

If you’re feeling fancy, pop on some tinted moisturizer, a few dabs of concealer and some clear brow gel to make yourself feel closer to normality

TRY NOT TO have the news playing in the background. As tempting as it is to try and keep up with the world, resort to one session of news intake a day outside your working hours – it will benefit both your mental health and your productivity levels.

DO your morning skincare routine like you normally would – there isn’t a better time for you to look after your skin. If you’re feeling fancy, pop on some tinted moisturizer, a few dabs of concealer and some clear brow gel to make yourself feel closer to normality. For a Zoom meeting, a bright lipstick will have you sorted.

TRY NOT TO style your hair using heat – give it a break whilst you can. No one has to know that wet-hair look you were rocking on your last Zoom call was actually a leave-in conditioning mask.

DO take a full hour for lunch. Especially if you’re someone who gets ‘lunch-guilt’ even in a normal working environment, it can be tempting to power through your lunch hour to prove your productivity, but it’s important to stop and fuel your body before the afternoon.

TRY NOT TO eat at your desk. This goes back to separating your workspace from everything else.

DO get creative with your lunches – this is the perfect opportunity to experiment. It will be a good distraction to break up your workday and it might even give you some ideas for when you have to go back into the office too!

TRY NOT TO limit your calls to work-only. On your lunch hour, call family and friends for a catch-up (and a daily dose of socialising).

DO get some exercise in when you can. Whether that means resorting to home workouts (a quick YouTube search will provide you with multiple ideas of how you can keep fit with no equipment) or getting outside for a walk (make sure you stick to the Government’s rules), it will benefit your wellbeing and help you to de-stress.

TRY NOT TO work past your normal working hours. When in the comfort of your own home, it’s easy to get stuck in and type away until bedtime, but make sure you leave some time in the day for relaxation.

In the evenings, DO reward yourself with a nice dinner, a relaxing bath and a good pamper. Pop on Tired faace and Netflix away.

Maria Bita @imariabita