This celebrity facialist tells you how to get more from your masking

Michaella Bolder is the go-to for celebs including Dame Helen Mirren, Naomie Harris, Olivia Munn, Noomie Repace and Nick Grimshaw to name a few.

Whilst we’re all about the faff-free, slap it on and go application technique at Faace, master facialist and skincare expert Michaella Bolder recommends taking some time out for yourself whilst at home and bolstering the effect of your mask with the below regime:

“If you are looking to up your skincare game, an overnight facial mask is a punchy option to inject your skin with active ingredients that work on brightening, repairing, tightening & hydrating while your body begins its restful rejuvenation cycle during your beauty sleep. 

Start by double cleansing your skin to remove all signs of makeup, dirt grime and congestion. Next up sweep a dose of your facial serum over your skin, then simply head in for your Faace mask choice whether it be Period, Tired or Sweaty. These mask options are packed with exfoliating, hydrating and brightening properties to suit your skin concern. Massage into the face, neck and chest using a firm pressure in circular and sweeping motions to encourage blood flow and push the product into the surface layer of the skin, apply another cheeky layer once the product settles for best results and wake up to healthier skin.”

For anyone that’s never done at home facial massage, Michaella gives you the detail on how to do this…

“Starting at the chest use opposite hand to shoulder and sweep out from the centre 6 times each side, then use both hands your index and middle finger on the front of your chin and thumbs underneath pinch and slide outward toward the ears and repeat 6 times. Now place your palms over your cheek bones from the nose glide out to the ears using a firm pressure and repeat this 6 times. Again, using your palms press into the forehead from the centre and slide out to the temples repeating 10 times here.”

If you are looking to up your skincare game, an overnight facial mask is a punchy option

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By Michaella Bolder